BigLAN XVII - Dio - Total stats

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Game Games played Wins Losses MVP
League of Legends103(30%)7(70%)1
Rocket League3018(60%)12(40%)11
Rise of Nations20(0%)2(100%)0
Call of Duty MW322(100%)0(0%)0
Left 4 Dead 232(67%)1(33%)0
Trackmania Canyon00(0%)0(0%)0
Age of Empires00(0%)0(0%)0
Counterstrike Source00(0%)0(0%)0
The Mean Greens00(0%)0(0%)0
Trackmania Stadium00(0%)0(0%)0
Trackmania Valley31(33%)2(67%)1
Unreal Tournament00(0%)0(0%)0
Starcraft II00(0%)0(0%)0
Battlefield 200(0%)0(0%)0
Counterstrike GO00(0%)0(0%)0
Company of Heroes 200(0%)0(0%)0
Heavy Metal Machines00(0%)0(0%)0